Khuzestan: A Book of Iranian History

Khuzestan as one of the most ancient lands in the world with various historical places, monuments, cultures, and customs and lovely people who believe that a Guest is the God’s friend, is accessible for tourists throughout the world. The history of Khuzestan gets back to 5000 years ago. Elamite was incipient tribe who lived in Khuzestan and named this land Haltamti (Gods’ Land) or Elamato (High Land). Susa is an active and alive city from Elamite period up to now and ancient city of Susa is a Witness of this event during history. Choghazanbil Ziggurat as the memorial of Elamite is a sign of architecture and civilization in 3200 years ago. Hydraulic System of Shushtar, also, is a sign of  Persian Engineers’s ability in ancient time.


* Tchoghazanbil, one of the Biggest Ziggurat inthe World (UNESCO SITE)

* Susa, one of the oldest city whole the world (UNESCO SITE)

* Hydraulic System of Shushtar, an industrial revolution before modern industrial revolution (UNESCO SITE)

DAY Tour Services
DAY1 Ahwaz-Alveh Village Guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
DAY2 MasjedSoleiman-Shushtar Guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
DAY3 Susa-Choghazabil- Departure Guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Arrive in Ahwaz International Airport early morning. Then we move to Alveh villiage. in en route you can see Buffalo cattle.  The villagers welcome you at Mozif with Sour Tea and local breakfast. Then we go to palm Garden and eat local lunch in the village. after that we come back to ahwaz to Visit Mapar Traditional house, and Bridges, Karun River that are really beautiful especially at night. Overnight in Ahwaz.


Check-out and leave Ahwaz For Masjed Soleiman to review the history of Oil in Iran. We visit Oil Well Number 1 and Bibion oil Museum. Then we come back to shushtar to visit Ancient Hydraulic systems. We go to a traditional Hotel and Check in. overnight in Shushtar


Check-out, and move to Choghazanbil via Sugar cane Road. Ziggurat (World heritage) is located in ancient city of Dur-Ontash belonging to Elamite Period (3300 years ago).. Then we go to Susa (Shush in local) to visit Ancient City of Susa (world heritage) consisting of Apadana Palace, French Castle, and Susa museum.. Then we come back to Ahwaz and go to Ahwaz International Airport for departure. See you soon!