Oil Tour

Discovering oil opened a new historical book in Iran and Khuzestan Province was the main character of Oil Story. The first economic well was established in Masjed Soleiman. In fact, oil played an important role in modern time for cities of Khuzestan province such as Abadan, Ahwaz, Omidiyeh, etc.

Surprisingly, the history of Oil in Iran gets back to ancient time. Existing Tar and oil in monuments such as Tchoghazanbil, Susa, and Sar Masjed and natural access to Tar in MAMatin and Tash-Kuh narrate a new story for the tourists.


* Tashkush, a glamorous and alive mountain

* discovering historical trace of oil in ancient time

* Masjed Soleiman, City of the firsts

* Abadan, a modern city created by Oil

Days Tour Services
Day1 Arrival, Tashkush Guide, lunch
Day2 Masjed Soleiman Guide , breakfast, lunch
Day3 , Choghazanbil, haft Tappeh Susa Guide , breakfast, lunch
Day4 Shushtar- Ahwaz Guide , breakfast, lunch
Day5 Abadan-khoramshahr Guide , breakfast, lunch
Day6 Departure Guide, breakfast


We arrive in Ahwaz International Airport and our Tourist Guide welcomes you. We move to Ramhormoz to visit Tashkuh. This is a fire-mountain that is continuously firing due to the presence of sulfur gas. After visiting this glamorous Mountain, we go to Shushtar to Check-In. Overnight in Shushtar


After eating a local breakfast, we leave Shushtat for Masjed Soleiman, the city of the firsts. There is a place that oil engineers established the first economic oil well. It caused to establish the first Cinema, Football Club, airport, Sulfur Factory, etc. in Masjed Soleiman.

We visit Number one well that was established 26/MAY/1908. After that we go to Bibiyaan National Museum of Oil Exploration, Excavation and Production with 7.5 Hectares area. C-Branch is next site in Masjed Soleiman where you see tar springs. If you like to see how to use oil and tar in ancient time, Sarmasjed is the best place. People used Natural gas leakage fire-temple in the past and you can see ramained parts of the fire temple. Then we come back to Shushtar. Overnight in Shushtar.


Save your energy to see 2 great UNESCO site in Khuzestan. At first we go to Tchoghazanbil (UNESCO SITE) via sugar cane road. The ziggurat is located in Ancient City of Dur-Ontash belonging to Elamite Period (3300 years ago) also you can see the remained parts of a sewage system (or Water purification system) where people used tar on the walls of this great system In order to prevent water leakage. After that we go to Haft Tappeh museum as the one of the most important museum in Iran and you can see the object of human belonging to pre-historic Period to ancient time.

Ancient city of Susa (UNESCO SITE) is one of the most ancient cities in the world including Apadana palace, French castle, Elamite City, and museum. We come back to hotel. Overnight in Shushtar


Check out. Before leaving Shushtar, we visit ancient Hydraulic systems (UNESCO SITE) including 12 parts in which Salaasel Castle, The Dariun, Band-E-Mizan Dam, and Water mills are available in our plan. After that we move to Ahwaz to visit black Bridge, White bridge, Mapar House, and New site area belonging to employees of Oil Company. At night we go to hotel to Check-in. Overnight in Ahwaz

Day 5

We go to Abadan, City of Oil Museums to see Artisan School Museum, Ancient Museum, and Gasoline Museum. Outdoor museum is next site to see the remained part of oil jetty, and Abadan Refinery has a beautiful image for you. Khoramshahr is the last city in our tour to see Karun River in Khoramshahr and war museum. The building of war museum belonged to Oil Company that was used by Iraqi soldiers as a base when Khoramshahr was occupied during Iran and Iraq war. Them we come back to hotel. Overnight in Ahwaz

Day 6

We have a free time. Check out and transfer to airport. Good bye. See you soon.