Abadan, with oil refinery, petrochemical and harbor, is the second important city of Khuzestan Province. People of Iran name Abadan as the Brazil of Iran because of Abadan’s football players who are technical players and play football with very high skills as like as Brazilian football players.

Also, Abadan is the city of museums. Ancient Museum, Oil Museum, Modern Art Museum, Outdoor War Museum, Ancient Museum, and Artisan School Museum are placed in Abadan that you can visit them and get more information about history of Iran, Khuzestan and also Abadan.

Rengouney Mosque with Indian style architecture is one of the famous attractions in city of Abadan which was built in 1920 by Indian and Burmese workers.

You can visit very beautiful Bazaar in Abadan and buy Abadan’s gift such as Date, Fish and Spice.