Sport Blinds Tour was operated in City of Ahwaz

A sport tour was operated for visitors who were blind in City of Ahwaz in world Tourism day (27/SEP/2016) with TOURISM FOR ALL Slogan by Khuzestan Tourist Guide Association (KHTGA) and Khuzestan Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Admisitration (ICHTO), Designed and operated by Ali Kharrazi
12 blind tourists participated in this specialized tour in which one guide was considered for every three tourists. Basketball Hall, Sport Exhibition, and bodybuilding Gym were 3 selected sites in which Mehdi Askarnezhad, as the former player of Iranian national basketball team and coach of Nikan bodybuilding club, and also Alireza Aghaea as the owner of Aghaea Sport Exhibition cooperated with Tour exceedingly well. Touching ball, basket and board of Basketball, walking in basketball field, knowing and touching Different sports equipment such as Types of balls, Rackets, sport shoes, and exercising at bodybuilding gym under the care of the coach were some parts of Sport Blind Tour.

Team Members

Ali Kharrazi: designer, operator, and leader

Amin Zadeh Darvish: Leader

Susan Jahromi and Mrs. Zamani: Supervisor

Azam Musavi, Mahdis Makavandi, Zahra Zilabi, Sorous Koti, Kosar Dashte Bozorg (Guides)