Ahwaz is center city of Khuzestan  Province and also one of the metropolises of Iran. Ahwaz’s population is at about 2 million people. This is an industrial city. The companies such as Steel Company, Oil Company, Khuzestan Drilling CO. and Sugar Cane CO. are working in Ahwaz.

Karun River is one of the most important, Famous, and longest Rivers in Iran which crosses from middle of Ahwaz and divided Ahwaz into two eastern and western parts.  10 bridges have been constructed on Karun River such as Black bridge, White bridge, Cable Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and Nature Bridge.

Coastal road with 25 kilometers length and also 42 hectares parks in both sides of Karun River, Silo-Building (Storepit Building), Three Corners Building, Stone plates, ALI-Ibn-Mahziyar-Ahwazi Shrine, Moin-Tojjar Caravanserai, Mapar Traditional House,  Ameri Mosque, New Side Area, Catacombs, Saat Square, and Five Palms Square are other attractions in city of Ahwaz.

Mandaeans are people of the book (the followers of YahYah Prophet) who live in Ahwaz and near Karun River. They  immigrated to Iran from Jerusalem at about 2000 years ago and settled in Khuzestan because they needed running water for their religious ceremonies such as Baptism, Marriage, etc. Their main profession is enamel on Silver and Gold that you can buy these glamorous handicrafts from Jewelry market of Ahwaz.

Lashkar-Abad is the most eminent and famous market in Ahwaz without vacation where local food such as Falafel, Sambuseh and also local drinks such as Arabic Coffee, Tea and Cinnamon-Tea are available in self-service manner.         

Ahwaz is really beautiful and fantastic at night. Nights of Ahwaz are famous and it is a good chance to enjoy the beauties and attractions of Ahwaz.

Alveh Village

Alveh is the most famous tourism village placed in 20 Kilometers to Ahwaz. Its beautiful palms and lovely people are the main reasons that you never want to leave Alveh. There are 48 Families who live in Alveh and their job is farming, animal husbandry, and making Handicrafts. Sour Tea, Sesame, Date, Gumbo, Bean and Rice are principal products of Alveh. There is a 150 Year Mozif made of mud and straw. The Mozif is always open for welcoming tourists 24 hours. You can drink Arabic Coffee, sour Tea, and eat local foods.

On the Road of Ahwaz to Alveh, you can see Buffalos swimming in Karun River.