Dezful (Desbeel in local) is one of the ancient cities of the world. A bridge and also a tower were constructed during Sasanian Empire in order to control and guard the bridge and city (264 A.D.). The Historic architecture of Dezful such as homes, mosques, shelter (Sabat), bath and corridors with incredible ornaments has turned Dezful into Bricks Museum of Iran. Kornasiyan Bath, Pir-E-Roudband Shrine, Sasanian Bridge (Old Bridge),Qomesh, Water Mills, Old Bazaar (Bazaar Kohneh), Pella Bachilun and Qomesh are tourisms sites in City of Dezful.

Dez River is one of the most important rivers in Khuzestan which crosses from middle of Dezful and devided city into two eastern and western parts.

koloucheh (Date kolucheh, Sugar kolocheh, Diamond Sugar Kolucheh, Nan Konjed (Sesame Bread) Mint Tab and handicrafts are The most famous gifts of Dezful that you can buy them from Old Bazaar and other market of Dezful. You can eat traditional and local foods such as Shurba, Hariseh, Tooleh, Sholehardeh, Hamis, Borouni, Ghaliy in traditional restaurants of Dezful and enjoy them.


Pamanaar is a small village with 200 people population which is located in Sheyhoon area with 42 kilometers distance to Dezful. Fishing is main job of people who live in Pamanaar Village. Pamanaar is famous for its beautiful and glamorous nature. The most beautiful and wonderful places of Pamnaar are Shadab Castile and Sheyhoon Pond where attracts lot of tourists. Certainly, it will be incredible experience for tourists who make a travel to Pamanaar, talk to people, visit village, eat sea foods and buy handicrafts such as Kapu.

Kul-Khersun is one of the wonderful natural Sites in city of Dezful which several beautiful streams are running among natural walls. Also Palm, Pistachio, Fig, and Ziziphus trees double its beauty. The valley has widths. This is so narrow in which just one man is able to cross in some parts, or two walls make a roof above you that you cannot see sky, while in some parts this is very wide.