Lali is a small and historical city in Khuzestan Province. Its history gets back to 15000 years ago. According to the French archaeologist, Ghirshman, People lived at a Cave named Pebdeh. The remained parts of Bridges, castles, and Reliefs on the mountains and rocks, and remained parts of ancient city of Iranshahr narrate Lali’s prosperity and flourishing in the past.

Also lali was one of the most important oil zones in 1950s.

Lali is famous for its incredible and glamorous nature. In fact, a small paradise is a correct title for this land. Pebdeh Cave and Dozoyel Valley is the famous natural sites in Lali. In addition, Taraz River with Olive, Pomegranate, and fig trees, old bridge and its lake, Arpanah Waterfall, and Berkeh Valley, will create an incredible experience for you in the small heaven. Bonehvar is a historical area in Lali where the remained parts of 2 bathes, under the ground jail, Polo field related to Timurid and Safavid area are available.

People of Lali are Bakhtiyari and their affluent culture, ceremonies, dance, music, and hospitality are famous among the special and common.