Undoubtedly, Masjed soleiman is the most famous city in Iran in history of Oil. The City of The Firsts is the best title for Masjed Soleiman. The first economical oil well in Middle East and Iran established in 1908, the first Oil Refinery, the first Sulfur factory, the first Rail way, the first airport, the first hospital, the first club, the first Gulf field, the first Cycling Road, the first football club and so on were established in Masjed Soleiman. In the other hand, this area has a great history. The history of Masjed Soleiman gets back to Elimate Asaak civilization, its name changed to Parsomash when Aryans was arrived in this area. Also existing beautiful natural environments in the heart of Zagros Mountains such as Shimbar Area, Lemons Valley (a valley full of lemon trees among mountains located in behind of Abbaspour Dam), GolGir Hot Springs turn this area into a glamorous part in Iran.

Sarmasjed is the most famous historical site in Masjed Soleiman. The remained parts of Pars fire-temple is placed in Sarmasjed in which Zoroastrians used nature Gas for lighting holy fire in the fire-temple.

You can see Number one oil well in city of Masjed soleiman that was established by William Knox D’arcy in 26/MAY/1908. In addition, this is the best chance to see Bibiyaan National Museum of Oil Exploration, Excavation and Production with 7.5 Hectares area. C-Branch is next site in Masjed Soleiman where you see tar springs.

Masjed Soleiman is located in northeast of Khuzestan province 60 km from Shushtar and 145 km from Ahwaz as the center of Khuzestan Province.

Masjed soleiman is the longest city in Iran with 20 kilometers Long, which is the unique characteristic for Masjed Soleiman as the longest city of Iran.