Susa (Shush in Persian) is a small city 100 kilometers to Ahwaz. This is an active city from pre-historic period to modern time. Ancient city of Susa (world heritage), Tchoghazanbil Ziggurat (world Heritage), Haft-Tappeh, are placed in Susa.

Susa as the most ancient city of the world with more than 6500 years history was recorded in UNESCO’s world heritage in 2015 and lot of tourists visit Susa every day. The Susa Museum Complex consists of Apadana Palace, Royal city, Acropolis, industrial city, France castle (constructed by French Explorers and archaeologists at about 100 years ago), and Susa Museum. You can visit historic memorial of Iran that are referred to Elamite, Achaemenid, Parthians, Sasanians and Islamic period. One of the most glorious parts of Susa is Elemate city in which 15 layers of civilization have been discovered by French archeologist Mr. Grishman.

Daniel Shrine as one of the Jewish prophet is placed in Susa in which Cyrus the great rescued him from, Nebuchadnezzar‘s captivity as the King of Babylon. He came to Iran and was buried in city of Susa after death. Daniel Shrine is one of the respectable places for people of Iran and an important Shrine for congregational Muslim people of Khuzestan.

Tchoghzanbil: Architectural Masterpiece

Tchoghazanbil is placed 30 kilometers to ancient city of Susa.  Tchoghazanbil Ziggurat is one of the architectural masterpieces of the world. It was constructed by Dur-Ontash Gal as an Elamite king in city of Dur-Ontash for Inshoshinak and Naprishia Gods in 5 stories with 50 meters height 5000 years ago but at the present time, 25 meters has remained. Tchoghazanbil Ziggurat was ruined by the King of Assyria, Ashurbanipal. It was recorded in UNESCO world heritage in 1979 as the incipient monument of Iran. You can visit Temples, Ziggurat, Ancient Refinery System, Palace-Tombs and Dur-Ontash City

Haft Tappeh

Haft Tappeh museum is placed in 10 kilometers to Susa and 20 kilometers to Tchoghazanbil. You can visit Haft Tappeh museum with memorials of Elamite as well as Tepti Ahar’s Tomb as an Elamite king. This tomb is famous between public and special for incipient vault of the world.