Izeh is located in the east of Khuzestan province and 185kilometers to Ahwaz. Bakhtiyari is a native tribe who live in Izeh. This is an ancient city where many Reliefs were discovered by archeologists in various parts of Izeh.  Kol Farah (Narsina God temple with 6 Reliefs from Elamite era), Eshgeft-E-Salman (Tarisha God temple with 4 Reliefs) are two main historic sites of Izeh. In addition you can see Stone-Lion in Izeh on ancient cemetery.  This city is located in hillside of Zagros Mountains and tourists will enjoy the beautiful sense and view of hillside of Zagros Mountains.

Qelim is a kind of Persian Carpet that is weaved by Bakhtiary carpet-weaver in Izeh. Qelim is a very beautiful and luxury gift and the best memento from Izeh and Bakhtiary Trib.

Sheivand is a beautiful village with a wonderful waterfall surrounded by oak trees, pennyroyal and milkvetch bushes that you can smell their scent. Also a various species of animals live in this region such as wolf, fox, rabbit, ewe, ram, goat, bear, jackal, partridge, etc.