Arjan was an ancient city in Second millennium BC. It was an active city that was ruined by a huge earthquake in 11th century. People had to change their place and lived in Tent named Behun. After that people tried to build a new city near the Ruins of Arjan. When they built the city, they named it Beh-az-Behun (Better than Behun) and changed into Behbahun or Behbahan. At the present time, Behbahan is one of the cities in Khuzestan Province with a great history. It is located in Southeast of Khuzestan Province 210 km to Ahwaz.

Narcissus flower is a symbol of Behbahan that is planted in farms and also it is available in Natural flowerbeds. The remains parts of ancient city of Ajran is one of the attractive sites for tourists who can see remain parts of Bokan Bridge, Bokan Bath belonging to Sasanian era, and ancient city of Arjan. However Power ring is the most important object that was discovered in Arjan by archaeologists during excavations. Ghaleh Madreseh is another historical site. It was an Islamic School from Safavid era. Mohseni House is a traditional House with unique Persian architecture that you can stay there at night. Bahaman is not just historical. Nature environments of Behbahan are glamorous. Marun Beach is one of them that you will really enjoy seeing it. It can be said that the best time to see Narcissus flowers is December and January.