Gotvand: City of Literature and Nature

Gotvand is a small city 40 kilometers to Shushtar, with beautiful nature. Pol-Parzin and Dareh- Anaar are two eminent nature sites in city of Gotvand. Pol-Parzin is a beautiful valley with marvelous waterfalls and lake decorated with cresset stones and nature corridor full of pennyroyal. Because of an Iron Bridge has been constructed on top of the Valley, it is named Parzin Valley.

Dareh-Anaar with lovely weather and glamorous nature attract all the tourists. Pomegranate and Fig Trees, Shrubberies, Streams, Nature Corridors, Running Waters, and Shrubs are some reasons that every tourist make decision to get to the Dareh-Anaar after 30 minutes hiking.

The Tomb of Qeysar Aminpour is one of the most famous literature sites in Khuzestan;    Qeysar Aminpour (1959-2007) is one of the contemporary Iranian poets. He was buried in his hometown, Gotvand.