If you travel to Khuzestan in spring, this is a best chance to meet Bakhtiari people (Nomads) who live at Siahchador, participate in Bakhriari dance which all men and women are dancing together with traditional dresses, and play Chub-Bazi Game in Andika. Andika is a small city near the Masjed Soleiman. This is an ancient land which its history gets back to Elamite and Achaemenid periods. Bardneshandeh is the famous historical site in this region. In fact, it was a temple for religious ceremonies from Achamenids Period while the Reliefs belong to Parthians. Hercules statue is the most famous discovered object which is kept in the Susa Museum.

Shimbar is a beautiful plain that is located near the Dela Mountain with several streams, marvelous waterfalls, oak, almond, pomegranate, mulberry, and grape trees, in which hillside of mountain is replete with flowers and bushes as well as animals that live in this region such as eagle, bear, wolf, etc. Shimbar Pond is another attractive parts of Shimbar region that it turns Shimbar into a part of heaven on the earth.

Kevesh Island is placed in the heart of Karun River like a pearl on the ring.

Keveshk is one of the most beautiful islands of Iran. Because of pleasant weather and climate, and having splendid nature, many tourists are attracted to the Keveshk.