Arak is center city of Markazi Province and also one of the metropolises of Iran 280 kilometers to Capital City, Tehran. Arak’s population is at about 600.000 people. This is an industrial city. The companies such as Aluminum Manufacturing Company, Wagon Company, Combine Company, and Crane Company are working in Arak. In other words, Arak is the heart of Iranian industries.

In the Second Islamic Century, there was an area among Hamedan, Rey, and Isfahan in which named it Ajam Iraq. City of Arak was established since Qajar period, and Fath Ali King named it, Soltan Abad. The name of Arak was selected in 1937. In fact, the name of Iraq is Arabized Arak. The city was built based on Government Citadel consisting of Offices, Schools, Mosques, Bath, Bazaar, and Houses as well as Qanat Systems, Gates, and Castles around the city.

When you travel to Arak, Traditional Bazaar is one of the best places that you can experience Qajar period. 4-Seasons Bath is another Tourism Site in City of Arak that you can see traditional style of Iranian Architecture. The bath divided into two Parts and one part of the bath belonged to the Christians. At the present time this place is a historical Museum. HassanPour House and Sepahsalar School are two places which their history gets back to Qajar Period with glamorous architecture. Also HassanPour House is the Second Meuseum in City of Arak.

The Church of Holy Mesrop was built in 1914 by Armenians of Shazand, according to its tablet, consisting of school, audience hall, and the priest’s house.

Arak is not just historical. Mighan pond with 25000 Hectares is a glamorous place with various species of birds, mammals, and plants.Crane is the most famous birds of the pond.

If you want to take some gift from Arak, Fatir bread is the best. Enjoy it!