Kerman is center city of Kerman Province and also one of the metropolises of Iran. Kerman’s population is at about 800.000 people. The history of Kerman gets back to Achamenids. Kermania and Govashir are two previous names of Kerman. In fact, Kerman is an historical city that you can see many historical and various sites from the ancient time, Islamic period and modern time. Caraway is the most famous Souvenirs of Kerman as well as other gifts such as Pateh, copper containers etc.

Sasanian buildings are one of the most important sites of Kerman which their history gets back to 2000 years ago such as Jabaliyeh Dom and Rain Castle. Jabaliyeh Dom is only stone building in Kerman. This is An Octagonal place. At the present time a beautiful Museum by the name of Stone Museum are available in Jabaliyeh Dom.

Rain Castle is one of the biggest castles in the world which is made by adobe consisting of several parts such as Zur-Khaneh (Traditional Gym), Kuttab (Traditional School), Soldiers’ Place, Store, Quarantine Room, Mosque, and Stables. Anahita fire Temple (Old Castle) which has been made by adobe and clay, was a place in order to worship Ancient as the goddess of water and fertility.

Moayedi Ice-House is one the most eminent site in city of Kerman which was used in order to provide ice for summer.  It was made during Safavid.

Ganja Ali Khan Complex is placed in center of Kerman consisting of several parts such as Bazaar, Square, Mosque, Bath, School, Water-Store, with beautiful styles of Persian-Islamic Architecture that you’ve never seen before.  It was made by Ganja Ali Khan as the governor of Kerman during Shah Abbas Safavid.

Kerman is a city with several and various museums. Modern Arts Museum is an affluent Museum with various and splendid works belonging to eminent artists of the world. It can be said that a half of works belong to Ali Akbar Sanati as one of the most famous Painter and sculptor and the rest of works belong to 83 Iranian modern Artists and 16 foreign Artists.

In addition, Anthropology museum, Persian women museum (both of them are placed in the Bath of Ganj Ali Khan Complex), Clock Museum, Industrial Museum, magazines and newspapers museum, army Museum, Traditional Music Tools Museum, Coin Museum, and Zoroastrians Museum are special places are special places which give you a collection of information about city of Kerman.