Mahalat: Netherland of Iran

Welcome to the land of Cultivation of ornamental flowers and Flowering Pilot. This is one of the cities of Markazi Province with a great history. Varkan was the ancient name of Mahalat from Achamenids era. The remained parts of a fire-temple prove that Mahalat was an active city during Sasanian. At the present time, Mahalat is one of the biggest zones of flower cultivation in which 700 Greenhouses are working in Mahalat.

Its beautiful flowers, lovely weather, historical sites and diversity in souvenirs such as different kinds of flowers, Halva Ardeh, (a Persian sweet made by sesame), local clothing attracts lot of tourists to city of Mahalat.

Two thousand years old plane tree is a one of the first places in Mahalat that majority of tourists select it for taking photo.

Korheh Historical Site is an overlord house in which its history gets back to Second millennium BC. Two long columns in Greek Style, is the most important part of Khorheh. This site is places in Khorheh Ancient Village.

Atashkuh fire-temple is one of the most important remained sites of Sasanian era which hosts many tourists every year. In addition, AzadKhan Cave, Jamshidi Castle, Bagher Abad Historical Bridge, and NimVar Ancient Dam are other historical site in city of Mahalat

If you want some times to relax, Sarcheshmeh Garden (Park) is the best place in Mahalat. Also, Mahalat ornamental Flowers and plants Hamlet (110 Hec. Area) is a lovely place for tourists to record beautiful photo from Netherlands of Iran. Welcome to the land of flowers.