Bam is one of the most ancient cities in Kerman Province. According to the Russian historian Vasily Bartold, Bam was industrial Center of Kerman, in which its Woven yarn was exported to other countries such as Egypt. Bam Citadel (Arg-E-Bam) is the most famous parts of Bam City. This is the largest adobe building in the world Registered by UNESCO in 2004. According to the British Tourist, Pottinger (1189) the citadel of Bam has been fortified to be unique in all of Iran. It was built on the neighborhood of Silk Road in fifth century BC while People lived in the citadel until two centuries ago. Although the huge part of Bam Citadel was ruined by a great earthquake in 2003, its splendor and glory is unique yet.

If you like to experience a great archaeological site, Tal Atashin Darestan is the best. This is a village in which its history gets back to the seventh millennium BC and also some parts of adobe architecture, stone tolls, and buried skeleton are available.

If you like to experience how Henna is produced, Henna Factory is a suitable place. Its history gets back to 100 years ago and was active until 30 years ago.

Dehbakri Village is a lovely place for Lovers of nature on the Jiroft-Bam road full of fruits gardens, waterfalls, springs, and rivers. The Date of Bam is really famous in Iran. In fact, this is one of the best gifts for you from City of Bam.