Tafresh is one of the cities in Markazi Province, 90 Kilometers to Arak in which located among the mountains. Its history gets back to 2000 years ago and its name was Garbresh during Sasanians. Tafresh is the birthplace of a group of Eminent Iranian celebrities such as DR. Hesabi, Founder of Tehran University, Dr. Gharib, An eminent physician, Nezami, Persian famous poet, Fath Ali Vashqaea, Master of Persian Calligraphy, and so on.

Yazlichai Petroglyph is one the most ancient site in Tafresh related to the third to the first millennium BC.

Sheshnav mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran in which its history gets back to Seljuks era including an old brick Menareh, Eivan, hall, Dome, and Qanaat.

If you like to see how people keep water in the past, Bolour Water store is a suitable place in Tafresh. It was built during Qajar by Hemat Miraza known as Bolour.

Ashura Ceremonies is really important in Tafresh as like as all Iran. Zaghram Takiyeh (Takiyeh means a place for playing Taaziyeh) is second biggest Takiyeh in Iran in which Taaziyeh Ceremony plays here from the past up to now. Its history gets back to Safavid-Qajar periods.

Top of Tafresh is really beautiful and fantastic especially at night. When traveling to Tafresh, it is recommended that you experience the nights of Tafresh from the Top of Tafresh.