JIROFT: A secret land

Jiroft is an ancient city in Kerman province in which the famous men of the world such as Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan conquest this city. Jiroft was ruined completely during Mongol conquests and after that it was rebuilt during history. At the present time; Jiroft is one of the most famous tourism cities in Iran and Kerman Province.

Deccanus is an ancient city with a great history. This is really archeologists’ missed paradise; they discovered lot of adobes, with different sizes related to 3000 years ago. Also there was a 1200 year old mosque as the one of the incipient mosque of Iran during Islamic period. It’s an architectural masterpiece.

Kenar Sandal hills are two big archaeological hills (Eastern and Western Hills) which are really important for investigation. There was a huge religious building constructed by adobe, clay, straw. Its history gets back to third millennium in the neighbor of Halil River in which some poetries, inscriptions, temple were discovered by archeologists.

Samuran Castle is located in 60 kilometers to Jirost on top of a mountain ornamented by reddish marble stones with two pools on the roof in order to save rain’s water

If you want to get more information about history of Jiroft, you can refer to Jiroft museum including more than 500 historical objects with mysterious carvings and motifs of humans, animals, legendary creatures’ monsters that represent affluent culture and history of Jiroft.