Naragh is a famous city in Markazi Province for tourists, 160 Kilometers to Arak. Archaeologists believe that its history get back to more than 2000 years ago. Water-stores, Old Houses, old mosques as well as glamorous nature are some reasons to attract tourists to Naraq.

Al Castle is one of the most famous sites in Naraq in the middle of AL Mountain at the gate of a cave in 700 meters high. According to the old story, the castle has been a place of fairies’ life.

If you like to visit one of the one beautiful Caravansaries in City of Naraq, Shams-Al-Saltaneh caravanserai is the best consisting of 2 stories in order to keep Animals and for Accommodation of caravans, respectively. Traditional bazaar of Naraq is the best place to see beautiful architecture and take the most expensive Souvenirs of Naraq by the name of Joz-Ghandi, Local pastry. Also Water-Store and Jame Mosque are other sites in city of Naraq

Naraq is not just historical. Abeshta or Gisu is a waterfall in Naraq that you can experience its beauty and glory.

If you travel to Naraq don’t Forget Nakhcheer Cave, a glamorous and extraordinary Cave. Nakcheer means Hunting ground. In fact the cave was a place for hunter to ambush. One of the special characteristics is Natural ventilation inside the cave in summer and winter in which it will be cold in summer and hot in winter. Come to Naraq and make a new experience on your trip to Iran.