Delijan is located among cities of Qom, Isfahan, Kashan, Mahalat, and Naragh. In fact, Delijan has made it easy to access nearby cities and a suitable place for Tourists who experience more sites of Iran in en route. Dokuhak Caravanserai is one of the most famous sites in Delijan in which its history gets back to Safavids era decorated with Saljuk architecture. Also Shah-Abbasi Bridge with Stone Column and Brick materials is another attraction of  Delijan. Neshst Abad Castle is attractive for tourists too.

If you like to enjoy the nature, Jasb is one of the best. This is a rural area replete with Gardens, Walnut, and Almond Trees, springs, as well as historical site.

In addition, the glamorous Nakhjir Cave is Accessible from Delijan through Delijan-Naraq Road.