Sirjan is the second city of Kerman Province based on population. It is a historical city from ancient time. Archeologists believe that the name of Sirjan means a place with numerous Qanaats (an ancient hydraulic System). In addition, Chopoghi Wind-catcher is the most famous tourism attraction of Sirjan. A beautiful building decorated with Regular geometric cells.

Sang castle (Ghaleh Sang) is placed on a Flat Plain consisting of three different parts. This building has been constructed by adobe.

Shah Firuz Shrine and Mir Zobeir Shrine are other historical sites from Islamic period ornamented by attractive architecture.

If you want to get information about making ice in the past, you can visit Ice-house in Sirjan in Bamid Garden. Bamid Garden, in fact, was a city near Sirjan that was ruined 2 times by Timurids and Mahmoud Afghan. Stone Garden is a special place in Sirjan with an interesting story.

Qanaat is one of the most important sites of Iran registered in UNESCO list and Sirjan is really important place to experience this incredible hydraulic system in ancient time.

Welcome to Sirjan.