Khomein is one of the most important cities of Markazi Province, 75 Kilometers to Arak. This city is famous for its underground cities. In addition Khoemin is the birthplace of Khomeini (the leader of Iranian revolution 1979).

Khomein is an excellent complex of underground cities, ancient Castle, shrines, Dovecotes, Ice-houses, from ancient to the modern time.

The history of underground cities gets back to Saljuks and Ilkanis periods with Ancient and skillful architecture and snaking corridors.

Petroglyph of Timereh has 21000 mysterious and wonderful Petroglyphs which narrates the history of 40000 years. The most ancient discovered write handing also belongs to Timereh.

Mazayen and Chenar Castles, Nimur Ice-House, Galmagarrd Caravanserai, and also Dovecotes are other historical sites of Khomein. Armanians’ cemetery is one of the most important sites in Khomein from Qajar and Pahlavi Periods. The most Armenians of Khomein Immigrated to Tehran after Second World War.

If you want to get more information about Khomein, Ghaleh Mohtasham Museum in the best place which you can visit one of the most beautiful building in Khomein (from Qajar period) as well as its museum. Imam Khomeini’s house is another important place consisting of one small and four big houses with 2500 m2 area.

Khomein is not just historical. Bujeh Mountain is a Recreational Complex in city of Khomein. Khan Abad Lake is a lovely place for tourists with many gardens near lake and Recreational facilities such as boating that create nice and relax times for tourists in city of khomein.