Shazand is placed 35 kilometers to Arak with a mountainous Climate. Because of several tourism sites such as Shazand Lake, Shahbaz Mountain, and so on, Shazand is named as the center of Tourism in Markazi Province.

If you travel top Shazand, Don’t forget Reza Abad Village. This is a 400 year Village on the Hillside of Veilab Mountain replete with springs, Milkvetch bushes, Poppy, Fritillaries, and Hyacinth flowers.  Abads-Abad Spring is a beautiful and suitable place for Tourists and families to find a calm place for rest.

Shazand International Ski Resort is the most famous site of Markazi Province in Iran with suitable equipment placed on the hillside of Chalmaha Mountain in which is hosted many tourists in the winter.

Bosaq Cookies and a complex of handicrafts such as carpet, Qelim, Woodcarving, Pottery and kapu are the best Souvenirs of Shazand that you can find them in all places of Shazand.