Fars Province is located in the south of Iran. This is the fourth largest province of Iran. Shiraz is center of Fars province. As the name of this province, this area is considered as belonging to the pars tribe while the history of Fars is much more than that. Having pre-historical sites such as Tal-Bakun, Mushki, Irangi, and so on prove human habitation and homogeneity in this area. According to discoveries in 1970s and finding Tal-Malian, archeologists founded that ancient city of Anshan was located in Fars Province. According to the history Anshan was the city where Cyrus The Great was crowned and introduced himself as the King of Anshan. As well as its great history, Fars Province has many historical monuments, cities, etc. also various tribe such as Lari, Qashqaea, Lor, and Arab Khamseh live in pars province.

Fars Province is one of the most important areas for tourists because of its UNESCO sites such as Pasargadae Garden, the Tomb of Cyrus The Great, Bishapour, and Eram Garden. Also historical sites of Fars Province are really important such as Naghsh-E-Rostam, Naghsh-E-Rajab, Reliefs, Castles, etc. in addition, tombs of the most famous Iranian poets, Saadi and Hafez are placed in Fars Province. thus, historical sites from ancient to Islamic period, its lovely and various climate, Lakes, Nature local foods such as Kalam-Polo,Do-Piazi,Shekar Polo, Eshkeneh, Dampokhtak, and the most famous and delicious dessert, Faludeh, are enough that all tourists who like to travel to Iran, select Fars as one of the destinations in country of Iran. Come to Fars to find a new experience in your life,