Barsir is located in 65 kilometers to Kerman. This is a city with great history from Ancient time with the beautiful nature that leads to attract tourists to city of Bardsir.

If you like to go to the nature, we recommend visiting Hajin Waterfall and Torshab Lake in Barshir region.

Bardsir Castle is one of the historical sites in City of Barsir. Also Bahador Aal-Molk House with a beautiful architecture is another historical site consisting of hall, yard, kitchen, attendants’ room.

Dive Castle (Demon Castle) is the most famous historical Site in Barsir in which its history gets back to Achamenids era. It has been constructed by huge Stone. It is named demon Castle by local people because of its shape

If you would like to experience a visit to a historic village, Bidkhan is a nice place with the lovely weather in summer and spring and cold weather in winter, a beautiful river that originates from mountains around village, and other natural attractions like Ice Cave.