Ghalehganj is a small city in east south of Kerman Province, a city with beautiful nature, Rivers, Green Valleys and waterfalls which lead to attract tourists every year. Hot water springs in red in the heart of Jazmourian desert is one of the unique attractions in Ghalehganj. The history of Ghalehganj gets back to the third millennium BC. and old paintings on a rock in Mazar River, and ancient hills such as Tamsorkh, Chehel Mani, Chahbagh and ancient city of Nahrendegan with stone buildings prove this claim. If you like to experience an Iranian desert, Chahnasir, Chehelmani, Solan, Torig Villages are the best places for it. The night of Iranian deserts are really beautiful and you can experience it at night in Ghalehganj.

Ghalehganj is a famous place for accommodation in Kerman Province for its shed Hotels. Toop is the local name of the shed buildings in ghalehganj which is tied to the culture of the people.  Travel to Ghalehganj is anything else, welcome!