Kuhbanan is located in the north of Kerman Province near the border of Kerman and Yazd Provinces. Kuhbanan means Kuh-Ban (a man who guards and controls the roads and gates in the border). This is a famous city for all tourists. The famous tourist, Marco Polo has mentioned Kuhbanan as a large and prosperous city, in his travelogue. At the present time, the statue of Marco Polo is placed in the city named Marco Polo Pass. There are several castles that create special characteristic for Kuhbanan. Afzad Castle is one of the historical sites in Kerman Province constructed in 5 stories with 10 meters high. Baab-Abdan was constructed during Ilkhanids. In addition several castles are available in different zones of the city and villages around Kuhbanan with various applications such as store, guarding, and defending against invaders.

Takht-E-Amir is a building constructed by Stone and Sarooj (traditional water-resistant mortar used in Iranian architecture) on hillside of Khaneghah Mountain. It was a place for Darvish (who follow Sufi fraternity, Tariqah,). Shah-Nematollah Vali is one of the most Eminent Daravish who studied and taught sciences and Techniques in Takht-E-Amir. . Ghaleh Dokhtar is another historical site of Kuhbanan on top of Khaneghah Mountain.

The Eight Mills is one of the most eminent historical sites in Kerman and Iran as well. Eight mills have been constructed in a row sequentially. And each mills registered in the name of its owner.

There are several Shrines with Persian- Islamic Architecture that you can visit them and get more information about their style and architecture.

One of the most beautiful natural sites of Kuhbanan is a nature spring in Darzak Village which several species of fish such as Gold Fish live and swim here and turn this spring into a nature aquarium. I addition you can visit Rivers, Kalut, and Shrines in this historical Natural village.