BAFT is located in the southwest of Kerman Province in mountainous and cold area. Baft is one of the most important zones in Iran in producing walnut. Mountains, waterfalls and its glamorous nature such as Se-Kaseh Waterfall, Shab-Pareh Cave, Baft Lake, Bangan Waterfall, and poppy plain are some reasons to attract tourists. The Old Plane Tree is one of the most famous trees in Kerman province in which placed in Torang Village near the Torang River. Kord Ali Castle and Shadab historical Castle are two famous places in Baft that are really important for tourists who travel to Baft.

Baft Rock is one of the oldest places in City of Baft with 100 meters high in which its history gets back to Sasanians and really important, attractive and charming for tourists, and Rock Climbing. There is special designs and architecture related to Sasanian at the upper level of the Rock.

Walnut is one of the best Souvenirs that you can provide it when you travel to Baft.