Shiraz is center city of Fars Province with the mediate climate because of its location of Zagrous Mountainous. According to historian the oldest name of Shiraz is Tirasin from Elimate era. After the destruction of the ancient city of Istakhr, the prosperity of Shiraz began. The centrality of Shiraz continues from Buyid dynastyto the modern time. Shiraz was capital city during Karim Khaz Zand.

The most of historical buildings and monuments in Shiraz belong to Zand and Qajar Period. The most famous historical complex of Shiraz was constructed by Karim Kahn Zand by the name of Vakil complex consisting of Arg (Citadel), Bazaar, Mosque, Water-source, and Bath.

Atiq Jame Mosque is one of the most famous historical and religious places in Shiraz in the neighborhood of Shah-Cheragh. The historical and private building of Shiraz such as Narenjaestan, Nasirolmolk Mosque (Pink Mosque) and so on are next destinations for Tourists. Eram Garden is one of the Persian Gardens registered in UNESCO List.

There are two shrine belonging to the most eminent Persian poets Saadi and Hafez which we recommend tourists to visit mentioned places and get more information about Persian Literature.

Handicrafts of Shiraz are the best Souvenirs for you from Shiraz such as Khatam, Masonry, etc. that you can take them from Vakil Bazaar. After a good day and visit beautiful Shiraz.  Faloodeh is the best thing that we eat and enjoy the best time in Shiraz.

Welcome to Shiraz!