Rain is located in East South of Kerman Province in hillside of Hazar Mountain with the lovely weather and unique historical sites. Raeen was its previous name. It was one of the most important commercial zones during Sasanian. Arg-E-Rain (Rain Citadel) is the most famous site in this city. This is the second biggest citadel after Arg-E-Bam which all tourists visit Arg-E-Rain when they travel to the city. Also Rain Waterfall is the most famous natural site in City of Rain. This is a 4-phases Waterfall in which the first phase is placed in 3 meters high of Hazar Mountain.  Generally the nature of rain is incredible. Springs, Rivers, villages, Willow Tress and so on attract Tourists to have a lovely experience.

If you like to get some Souvenirs, Rain is one of the best place and we recommend you handicrafts of Rain Such as Pottery, Sword, Archery, Knife, Qelim, Pateh and some, Cutting Sugar, Sickles, Lock, Scissors, or Sweets, Qotab, or other  Souvenirs (Kolompeh, Komach, Pistacho, Walnut, Date, and Caraway.