Shar-E-Babak is one of the most important cities in Iran because of copper and turquoise mines and its history gets back to Sasanians era. This is a place with great history from the ancient to the modern time.

The most famous site is Cultural Landscape of Maymand that is registered in UNESCO list. Maymand is a self-contained, semi-arid area at the end of a valley at the southern extremity of Iran’s central mountains. Also, there are several Ancient Villages such as Riseh,Pish Osta, and Azar-Bagh Fire-Temple in ancient Village of KahtoKerha where you are able to experience how people live in villages in ancient time. In addition

Musa Khan House is a traditional house with a wonderful architecture which its history gets back to Qajar Period.

The nature of Shar-E-Babak is unique. Job’s Cave is placed 80 Kilometers to the City. There is a footprint that local people beige that it belongs to Job Prophet. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit his cave as a Recreational-pilgrimage place.

23 Kilometers to Shahr-E-Babak City, you see an extraordinary lake. Mekhrageh Lake is famous as the Mirror of on the earth where you really will enjoy from Amazing and beautiful reflection of the images of the sky and surrounding environment.