Zarand is located in East-West of Kerman Province. This is famous for Mines such as Copper Mine and Coal Mine. The footprint of Dinosaur is the oldest place in city of Zarand. It was found in Deh-Alireza Village near City of Zarand.

Ghaleh Moaque is one of the famous places in Zarand with great history. The south part of the mosque was built during Zandiyeh Era. Zarandoiyeh and Shahrokh Khan Castles (with four Towers in 4 Corners) are two other famous sites in City of Zarand in which their architectures and ornaments are really beautiful. If you like go to a traditional Bazaar, Vakil and/or Sohrabi Bazaars are recommended.

Gisak Village is one of the unique places ten kilometers to Zarand. The village was abandoned due to the earthquake in 1977. At the present time Gisak Village is ready for Tourists to visit the remained red houses of Village, underground Bazaar, and House halls.

The houses in this village are built in a classy way in which is attractive for Visitors. Also, if you like to experience beautiful villages in Zarand, we recommend to go to Jarjafak and Dasht-E-Khak Villages.