Marvdasht is located at 50 km north of Shiraz. In fact Marvdasht is placed among Zagros Mountains. Thus, Marvdasht is geographically divided into two parts: plain and foothill. Marvdasht has long been a place of human habitation because of fertile soil its history gets back to 5000 years ago. Vegetation of Mardasht includes a variety of trees such as oak, Pistachio, Almond, Hawthorn, Fig, etc. as well as Thymes, Rhubarb, Milkvetch, and Persian shallot.

Marvdasht is one of the most important cities in Iran for all Tourists because of historical and UNESCO Sites.

Persepolis Complex (UNESCO site) was Government citadel of Ancient City of Parseh and Ritual-Religious Capital city of Achamenids particularly during Dariush The Great. It was built on the stone plate palced in hillside of Rahmat Mountain with 15 Hec area including several parts such as Entrance Stairs, Nations Gate, Apadana Palace, Tachar Palace, Hadish Palace, Museum, etc. it was registered in UNESCO list in 1979 as the Second Iranian world Heritage Site.

Naghsh-E-Rostam is located on the hillside of Haji Abad Mountain 10 kilometers to Persepolis including a complex of reliefs belong to the historical periods of Iran. There are the remained parts of Elamite Relifes, the tombs of Achamenid Emperors such as Dariush the Great and Dariush The Second, Sasanian Kings’ inscriptions as well as Ka’ba-ye Zartosht.

Naghsh-E-Rajab is located 5 km from Naghsh-E-Rostam. There are several reliefs in the niche of a rock belonging to the first Sassanid era. Some archeologists believe that this place belongs to the coronation of the first Sassanid kings such as Shapur The First and Ardeshir Babakan.

Msrvdasht is not just historical city. Eshkaft Gavi Cave is an attractive place with Signs of early humans     to show you burial methods, stone tools and bone tools during Paleolithic (16-27 thousand years ago). Bostanak is a really a part of heaven with mass forests, Roaring waterfalls, almond Trees, and special architecture of houses that creates the best times for you.