Yazd is a well-known city for tourists who travel to Iran. The history of Yazd gets back to ancient time and Sasanians era was the flourishing period of Yazd city. This is one of the main lands of Zoroastrians, as the followers of Zartosht, the prophet of ancient Iran.

Fire-Temple is the holy place of Yazd where Zoroastrians go to worship in the glamorous place. Fire-Cup is the eminent part of Fire-Temple. Catacomb is a place where Zoroastrians performed religious ceremonies for the dead. Visiting these two place give you more information about culture and customs of Zoroastrians.

Dowlat-abad Garden is one of the Persian Gardens registered in UNESCO List. A beautiful place which you will experience the beauty of Persian Gardens.

Yazd is a World city. The ancient city of Yazd, Fahadan, was registered in UNESCO List 2017 consisting of several parts such as Qanat System, Traditional Houses, Bazaars, Hammams (Baths), Mosques, Windcatcher etc.

Beautiful museums are another part of Yazd such as Mirror Museum, Zoroastrians Museum, Car Museum, and Coin Museum.

Amir Chakhmaq square is a good place to see its beauty and buy Souvenirs of Yazd such as Baghlava, Ghotab, Pashmak, and Handicrafts.

It is recommended to stay more in Yazd. You ain’t seen nothing yet!