Kerman as the most extensive Province is located in the southeast of Iran. Kerman has been called the climbers’ paradise. 14 mountains with more than 4000 meters high are located in Kerman Province such as Hezar Mountain (4501 Meters high) and Shah Mountain (4400 Meters High). There is a diverse Climate and you are able to experience different kinds of weather. It is hot and dry in some parts of the province; other sides are desert while you feel cold weather in Highlands. Also, old trees, hot springs, desert, Kalut, mineral springs and so on are other features of the province.

The name of Kerman refers to one of the ten main branches of Persian. Kerman was one of the most important Satraps (States) during Achamenids and one of the best cities of Iran in the Seljuks Period (Islamic Period).

There are various Tribes with different cultures and customs who live in Kerman Province such as Baluch, Afshar, Bochaghi, Soleimani, Larlak,Bahraseman, etc.

Because of diversity in climate, geography, tribes, customs, and cultures, you will find a collection of life styles in Kerman Province.

Kerman is unique in Iran for its handicrafts, Mines, Pistachio and also foods. Patteh is the most famous handicrafts in Kerman. There are several mines that play an important role In Iran’s Economy such as copper, iron and coal mines. Sarcheshmeh is the most important copper mine which has a worldwide reputation. Kerman is one of the biggest centers in producing pistachio as well as almond and walnut in Iran.

Travel to Kerman to discover new things in this region and go to the Desert, touch Kalut, eat Boz-Ghormeh (local food), and visit 7 UNESCO Sites in kerman Province. You will really enjoy to stay here.