Khuzestan province is one of the most ancient lands in the world with various attractive monuments, cultures and customs and lovely people who believe that guests are Dears of God or God’s friends and always are accessible and hospitable for guests and tourists from all the countries.

Khuzestan history is referred to 8000 years ago. Elamite was incipient tribe in Khuzestan with a powerful kingdom for 2500 years. They named Khuzestan as the Haltamti (God’s land) or Elamato (High land).

Several rivers are running in Khuzestan province such as

1- Karun as the longest river in Iran (950 km)

2- Arvand



5- Dez


Three world heritage monuments and historical sites are placed in Khuzestan of Iran by the name of Tchoghazanbil Ziggurat, Historical Hydraulic System of Shushtar, and Ancient City of Susa. There are various tribes who live in Khuzestan such as Ahwazi, Mandaeans, Dezfuli, Shushtari, Arab, Lor and Bakhtiari with different customs and beliefs. You can enjoy from hotels, motels, traditional Hotels Mozif, traditional restaurants and café-museum for the best times.

You can visit people with local and native clothes, drink and eat native and local  juices and foods such as koloocheh (local biscuit), Dogh (a local drink that is made of yoghurt), Sobuor fish (native food), and listen to the traditional and native musics.


The climate of Khuzestan is unique and its various climates are one of the special characteristics of Khuzestan province.

From second half of September to May 20th is the suitable time that you can travel to Khuzestan.

From the second half of November to April 20th is the high season in Khuzestan that you can enjoy the autumn, mediate winter and lovely spring. Meanwhile, December, January, February, and March are the best and most suitable time according to our experience.

If you want to experience the hot weather in the world, you can come to Khuzestan in June, July and august with 40℃. Also, you can experience The best spring weather in the world in Khuzestan.

There are so many tourists who come to Khuzestan from all of countries in all seasons and visit monuments, enjoy its nature and gain new experience.

Come to Khuzestan in all seasons, feel a hot summer, mediate winter and lovely spring. Eat Falaafel and Sambosa. Make a trip to Choghazanbil and see Buffalo swimming in Karun River.