Markazi Province is located in the northeast of Capital City, Tehran, which plays an important Role in industrial feature of Iranian Economy, as well as tourism. There are several industrial complexes such as Arak Hepko, Shazand Petrochemical Co., Imam Khomeini Oil Refinery, Pars Wagon, and So on. In the other hands, Markazi Province is an ancient land. Medes, was one of the incipient Ariyan tribes who immigrated to Iran Plateau and selected this area for life. Also ancient hills in Markazi Province are a sign of active life in ancient times.

Markazi Province is famous for its diversity of climate such as Mid-desert climate, Moderate mountainous climate with cold winter and, Moderate summer, Cold mountainous weather with cold and snowy winter and cool summer. For that reason, there are several natural places such as mountains, deserts, plains, forests, lakes, rivers, caves, and streams. In addition, ancient sites, museums and traditional markets are other aspects of Tourism in Markazi Province.

Travel to Markazi Province for a new experience in Iran and see the land of flowers.