Tehran is capital city of Iran, a metropolitan with 10 million populations. Tehran is the third most populous metropolis in the Middle East. This is an ancient land with 7000 years history and the history of life in Tehran dates back to the Neolithic period. In the early seventh century, people immigrated to Tehran due to the destruction of the Rey City. Tehran developed during the Safavid period but it was selected as the Capital of Iran by Agh Mohammad Khan Qajar. Tehran’s new development began during Naser al-Din king while it became a modern capital since Pahlavi the first.

Tehran is a favorite city for Tourists. There are various museums, monuments, historical and modern sites which attract tourists to visit Tehran in all Iran Tours.

Tehran is the best place to visit museums as follow:

  1. Museum of ancient’s Iran is the most famous, important, and biggest museum in Iran in which the most of archaeological discoveries from Paleolithic to Islamic periods are available consisting of ancient and Islamic museums. Museum of ancient’s Iran was designed by French architect André Godard, Inspired by Kasra Palace, and built by two Iranian architects Abas Ali Memar and Morad Tabrizi. Ancient museum is divided into two parts: pre-historical and historical periods of Iran. The building of Islamic Museum was opened in 1996 inspired by Bishpure Palace in which lots of Items belonging to history of Islam, Saljuks. Ilkhanians, Timuri, Safavid, Afshar, Zand, and Qajar are available.
  2. Treasury of National Jewels is a glamorous and splendid museum in the capital where you are able to see the most important jewelries of Iranian kings, queens and nobles. This museum is under care of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  3. Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran is an attractive museum for tourists who travel to Iran. The ninety-year-old beautiful building of museum is ornamented by Brickwork, plastering, mirror and inlay work and placed in the center of a 7 Hec. Garden where Artworks are visitable in several halls of the museum as follow: Crystal Hall, Mina Hall (Enamel Hall), Audio-Visual Hall, Sadaf Hall (Oyster Hall), Zarin-Fam Hall, and Lajavard Hall (Azure Hall).
  4. Abasi Museum is one of the most important museums in Tehran with more than 50000 Historical Items from Pre-history period until 13th century AH. In 3 stories in which you should start to visit from the 3rd floor. It consists of 5 Halls: Temporary Exhibition Hall, Calligraphy Hall, Miniature Hall, Islamic Arts Hall, and pre-Islamic Period Hall.
  5. Dafineh Museum (or Money Museum) shows some of Iranian and Non-Iranian old coins and paper moneys in order to know the manner of trading in the past. In addition Coin Museum shows 20000 Iranian Coins from Various period of Iran.
  6. History Museum shows you some Iranian works in Modern time. The most of Items belong to Qajar Period such as works of the most famous artist in Qajar Period Kamal al-molk. In addition some old items of England and Russia from 12th and 13th centuries are available.
  7. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts was established in 1977 which shows modern works of various styles such as Minimalism, pop art, abstract art, and so on. This is one of the most eminent and important museum in Iran for two main reasons:
  8. It shows Contemporary Art 2. The financial value of the works in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts is estimated at between 5 to 10 billion dollars.
  9. As you know, Carpet is one of the most eminent handicrafts in Iran. Carpet museum is the best place to show the glorious art of the Iranians. This museum was built in 1978 based on Farah Pahlavi’s Order.
  10. Music Museum is one of the most important museums in Iran in which you can get more information about various styles of Iranian Music, Music Tools from the Past up to now and from all regions of Iran.
  11. Nations’ Dulls Museum is a lovely place in the capital that shows 540 dulls from 53 countries of the world to narrate wonderful stories of various cultures.

There are also other museum with different aims and uses such as Ebrat Museum, Malek Museum, Martyrs Museum, Was Museum, Religious Art Museum, Wild Life Museum, Insects Museum, Post and Telephone Museum, Medical National Museum, Historical Automobiles Museum, Dr. Hesabi Museum, National Documentation Museum, Electrical Industry Museum, Shahid, Beheshti Museum, and Ghasr Museum.

As it said, Tehran is a Historical city. Thus monuments and historical places are one of the parts for Tourists who travel to Iran.

  1. Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site) is the most famous historical place. This is a beautiful palace in city of Tehran belonging to Qajar Kings. In fact, Golestan Palace is a complex of several buildings such as Shams al-Emareh, mirror hall, Marble bed, Abiz Palace, Karimkhani Rest Place, Ivory Hall, and so on. Also there is a museum to show you documents and king’s handwriting. Golestan Palace is famous for holding special and important official ceremonies such as Coronation of Qajar Kings (Ahmad King on Marble throne, Mozafadin King at Badgir Mansion) and also Reza Pahlavi and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Kings, Opening Ceremony of the first Parliament with the presence of the king in Berlian’s Room. It was registered in UNESCO list in 2013.
  2. Sa’dabad Complex is placed in the northernmost and most pleasant and airy region of Alvand. It was built during Qajar period. This is a complex consisting of Several Palaces such as Ahmad Shahi Palace, Queen Mother Palace, Green Palace, and White Palace (Mohammad Reza king’s palace). Sa’dabad Complex has several museums such as Water Museum, Behzad Museum, Omidvar Brothers Museum, Mir Emad’s Calligraphy Museum, Royal Containers Museum, nations’ art Museum and so on.in addition Restaurants, Radio Station, Gates, Sport Gym, Qanaats, Green house, Music Center are other services and parts of Sa’dabad Complex. Also Niavaran Palace- Museum is on the neighbor of Sa’dabad Complex. This palace was built during Qajar period.
  3. Darolfonoon School is one of the first modern schools in Iran. It was built by Amirkabir as the minister of Naseradin king in 1851

4- The traditional and historical houses and building of Tehran are really attractive which give you more information about the History of Tehran and political-cultural conditions in Iran especially during Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Thus we recommend you to visit Moghadam House-Museum, Masoudiyeh Mansion, Mosadegh House, Saba House-Museum, Sadeq Hedayat House, and Khanaat Caravanserai.

  1. Azadi and Milad Towers are two famous palaces in Tehran. Azadi Tower was built in 1969. This is a Chahar-Taghi built by Hossein Amanat one of the well-known architect in Iran. Milad Tower is the world’s 6th tallest tower (435 meters). This is, in fact, a Multifunctional telecommunication tower consisting of several parts and services such as Market, Restaurant, Coffee Shops, Theatre Hall, and Conference Hall. Iranian scholars Museum as the most famous part of Milad Tower
  2. Nature Bridge is one of the favorite places in Tehran. It was constructed in 2014 in the form of a combination of several curves. This is a pedestrian Bridge and really beautiful especially at night consisting of Coffee Shop, Restaurant, and Green spaces.
  3. The Religious places with glamorous architecture are other attractive sites in Tehran for all tourists who travel to Iran. Mosque is a symbol of Muslims in which Persian art and Architecture create glamorous buildings in Iran from the past to the modern time. In addition shrines, mausoleums, and churches are other religious place in Iran such as Ebn-Baboyeh and Shah Abdolazmin Shrines, Emamzadeh Saleh Shrines, Sepahsalar Mosque, Emam Khomeini Shrine, Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Emam Khomeini’s house and Jamaran Hall, and Emamzadeh Davood Shrine which attracts tourists to visit them.
  4. Tehran is not just historical city. The nature of Tehran is really beautiful and attractive. Also Tourism villages, parks, and Gardens are enough that all tourists stay in these beautiful place to get new experiences. Negarestan Garden-Museum, Qasr Garden Museum, Qanaat, Tehran Waterfront, Persian Garden, Bazyaft Park, Birds Garden, Chitgar Pond and Park, Nowruz Garden-Park, National Botanical Garden, Dizin Ski Pist, Tochal Pist Telecabin, Pardisan Park, Darband and so on The most famous place in this field.

Darband is a unique place among all natural and tourism sites in Tehran. Darband is an extraordinary place for mountain climbing, Gathering and friendly meetings, watching beautiful scenery as well as eating delicious foods which you can find step by step. Its history gets back to 200 years ago. Darband was a small village on the hillside of a mountain with lovely village on the Neighborhood of Sa’dabad Complex.

  1. Tehran Bazaar is one of the most important commercial and historical places in the Capital. Its history gets back to Safavid era and was constructed 1528- 1756. Also old Bazar near Golestan palace and modern markets in Tehran are the best place to buy Souvenirs.

Also Restaurants, Coffee Shops in modern and Traditional Styles are available in all regions of Tehran.