Yazd Province is located in the Centre of Iran in which two mountainous, plane, desert and sand hills create various climates in this region. Yazd Province is named the heaven of mines because of having man

y mines in Yazd such as Lead, Iron ore, etc.

Yazd is one of the most important provinces for Tourists who travel to Iran because of different historical and natural sites. There are 5 UNESCO Sites such as Ancient City of Yazd, Desert (Kavir), Two Persian Gardens (Pahlavanpour and Dowlat Abad), and Qanaat.

There is one of the most important areas of Zoroastrians followers in which you can visit the most splendid Fire-Temple and also the most complete catacombs In Yazd Province. Also a collection of various historical sites such as Chaparkhaneh, Caravanserai, Dovecote, Ice-House, and so on are available in this province.

The Handicrafts of Yazd Province is a beautiful gift for you such as Carpet, Zilu, Termeh, pottery, etc. the foods of Yazd province is wonderful and we recommend you to test them in all the cities of Yazd Province such as Ashe-Anaar, Ash Shuli, Gheimeh, Kufteh, and so on.

The confectionery industry in Yazd province has a long history and is well known in the world such as Ghotab, Pashmak, Baghlava that are really delicious.

Came to Yazd Province, talk to lovely people, walk in ancient city of Yazd, and relax in Persian paradises, you ain’t seen nothing yet!