About me

This is Ali Kharazi as an international touristguide from Iran, a member of Khuzestan Touristguides Association (KHTGA), European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT),¬† and a blinds’ Tour designer as well. I am graduated from Sari Payamnoor University in M.A. Tourism Entrepreneurship. I operate¬† tours for incoming tourists who travel to Iran since 2015 such as tourists from Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, America, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Norway, Brazil, South Korea, France, Spain, etc. as well as designing and operating Para-tours for Visitors Who are blind. I recommend you to Travel to Iran to visit incredible and glamorous natural, Heritage, historical, and cultural sites and enjoy Iranians’ hospitality. Also, you can ask a tour around Iran based on your requests.