A great ancient ziggurat has been located in Dur-Untash (Untash’s city) as an ancient city in Elemait period. It was made by Untash-Gal as the kind of Mid-elemait who built ziggurat for Inshushinak and Napirisha Gods. The ziggurat had 5 stories (52 high) and each side was 105 meter. At the present time at about 25 meters of ziggurat is remained (25 meters). The city has been surrounded by three walls and divided into 3 parts. The distance between the external and middle walls and the middle and inner walls are named the royal city and the holy city, respectively, and the ziggurat is located in the middle of the inner wall.  There are brick rows of inscriptions in cuneiform on the walls of ziggurat which narrate how to construct ziggurat. The city was destroyed and abandoned by the attack of Ashurbanipal, the king of Assyria. Chaghazanbil is the local name of Ziggurate. It was registered as the first monument from Iran in UNESCO 1979.