Iran Tour 13D / 12N

Iran is one of the most ancient countries in the world and tourism phenomena. Having Tangible and Intangible World Heritages turn Iran into one of the top tourism destinations. Visiting Cities, Palaces, Temples, and Mosques of Iran are a sign of unique art of Persian Architecture. Visiting ancient and old cities, Bridging Art, Hydraulic Systems and constructing Historical squares as well as modern cities are a sign of the dynamics of life in this land. The presence of tourists in Iran makes people happy. Because Iranians treat them as the guests and believe that the guest is the God’s Friend. The Persian Hospitality is a part of Persians’ affluent culture.


* Hydraulic Systems of Shushtar, an ancient industrial revolution before modern industrial revolution (UNESCO SITE)

* Shadegan international wetland, a place to discover nature and beauty in Khuzestan Land

* Shiraz, the City of Literature and Art

* Pasargadae (memorial of Cyrus the Great) (UNESCO SITE), and Persepolis (architecture art of ancient Iran) (UNESCO SITE)

* The unique art of reliefs in Naghsh-E-Rostam

* Kish Island, the diamond of Persian Gulf

* Isfahan (Half of The World), Naghsh-E-jahan Square (UNESCO SITE), Persian-Islamic architecture art

* Abyaneh village, a collection of the combination of art, architecture and nature

* Noosh-Abad. Amd uderthe ground city to discover life in the depths of the earth

* Kashan, the land of  Water-Rose and the splendor of architecture

Hotel, TouristguideArrive in Ahvaz-transfer to ShushtarDAY1
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideShushtarDAY2
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideShadegan Wetland- ShushtarDAY3
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideTransfer to ShirazDAY4
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideShiraz City TourDAY5
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideShiraz-PasargadaeDAY6
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideTransfer to KishDAY7
Hotel, Lunch, Dinner, TouristguideKish TourDAY8
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideTransfer to EsfahanDAY9
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideEsfahanDAY10
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideAbyaneh- KashanDAY11
Hotel, Lunch, TouristguideNooshabad- KashanDAY12
Transfer- TouristguideCheck out- Transfer to Air portDAY13


Arrive in Ahwaz International Airport. The Guide welcomes you and we transfer to city of Shushtar to accommodate at Tabib and Afzal Traditional Hotel complex. Overnight in shushtar.


After breakfast, we have the best chance to visit Ancient Hydraulic Systems of Shushtar (UNESCO SITE) consisting of 13 parts. First of all we move to visit Band-E-Mizan Dam (constructed on)

arun River during Sasanian Empire in order to share water of Karun River in to  part: GarGar and Shotayt Rivers. Our tourist guide gives you more information about this Engineering masterpiece and after that we visit Salaasel Castle, The Dairun (Under the Ground Canal), Watermills and waterfalls as the eminent parts of Hydraulic Systems of Shushtar, Lashkar and Shadorvan Bridges. Now we have free time. We walk to Moghadam traditional house from watermills for a short break and visit this beautiful house, Shavan (A room 20 meters deep).. Mostofi Traditional House is another place that you can see more beauties of architecture of Shushtar homes and also take a lunch at its Restaurant. Now we have a great time to take a boat ride on the Karun River to see and enjoy the beauty of Shushtar’s nature more. . Afzal Caravanserai is another site which is the biggest handicraft center in Khuzestan province. Café-Tarmeh Museum also is a good place for refreshment and visit this private museum with more than 6000 old objects belonging to Old business and household tools of Shushtar people. As well as drink traditional and classic drinks at its coffee-shop. Harir-Bafi is original handicraft and art in Shushtar which we can visit Hari-Bafi workshop and learn how to weave them. Come back to hotel. Overnight in Shushtar.  


We are ready for a full energetic day. Charge your mobile and camera for take beautiful photo from one of the most beautiful wetland in Iran, Shadegan international wetland. We move to Shadegan and take a boat on Shadegan wetland. We are on the boat in the middle of wetland while you see some birds with their chichen, Bafelues swimming into the wetland and people who are working in their land in shadegan wetland. For lunch we go to the Mozif in Sokhariyeh village where is ready for hospitable and welcome tourists with Arabic coffee and traditional food such as Mofaha, Mechbus, etc.

Mozif is a room made by reed as the sign of hospitality among Arab people in Iran.  Come back to hotel. Overnight in Shushtar.


After breakfast, we check out and leave Shushtar for Shiraz. It takes 8 hours to get Shiraz. We check in and after rest. We have a good chance to visit Shiraz at night. Thus we go to Quran Gate, Hazef Tomb (the most famous Iranian poets), and especially Karim-Khan Arg (Citadel) which shines like a diamond in City of Shiraz. You can find the best restaurant in Shiraz to take dinner and also eat Delicious Faludeh as a Dessert! Overnight in Shiraz.