The 5th Blinds’ tour was operated by selected Touristguide of Khuzestan Touristguide Association (KHTGA) on the occasion of world Tourism Day by order of Khuzestan Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts organization, hosted by Cultural and Sport FC. Foolad Club in city of Ahvaz. 15 blind tourists participated in this tour in order to know different parts of FC. Foolad Club such as locker room, VIP entrance path of football player, green field, reserve bench, goal, penalty area, flag of corner point, sport shirts, ball, etc. and the guides gave them the necessary information.

After that a goalkeeper and 2 players of U17 Foolad team cooperated with tour and blind tourists played football and penalty kicks. Then the vice-president of Foolad club offered them the sport shirt of FC. Foolad as a gift. The blind tourists met Juan Ignacio Martínez as the Spanish coach and Ollie Gladison as the Brazilian Bodybuilding coach of Fc. Foolad club and. Mr. Martínez welcomed all the blind tourists and appreciated the touristguides who accompanied with the blind. In the end, the blind tourists were guests of Ferdowsi Hotel in Foolad club for lunch. It can be said that Mehran Saadi as the Internal manager of Ferdowsi hotel, Ehsaneh Ghazi and Bayeneh Sadr, and Javad Khorasani from Khuzestan Heritage and Tourism organization, MR. Dabaagh, Kolah Kaj, and Lahiji from Foolad Club Cooperated with tour.  

The team of touristguides

Tourleader and designer: Ali Kharazi

Supervisor: Susan Jahromi (Head of KHTGA)

Ali Habibnezhad, Zohreh Hosseini,Ali Kalantari, Nasim Najarzadeh, Mehran Saadi, Alireza Ahmadi, Maryam Heidariyan, Nazanin Araabi